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Belbin Team Roles

Whether you want to help an individual develop by understanding their strengths or weaknesses, or you want to create exceptional teams, Belbin is the solution.

People and teams work at their optimum when they are working to their strengths and know what their role is within a team.  Belbin will give you the ability to build high performing individuals and teams that surpass expectation!

Why choose Belbin over others?

Belbin is a measure of behaviour and not personality; it also uses observer assessments to get the ‘outside in’ perspective.  Some psychometric tests use only self perception to generate reports and as such if the individual is not self aware or answering to impress then a false picture can be painted.  It is also suggested that you can train to pass psychometric testing.  With external observations, Belbin can filter out the aspirational answers and give an accurate picture of an individuals behaviour in the workplace.

What are the Belbin Team Roles?

The Beblin Team Roles are: Specialist, Completer Finisher, Monitor Evaluator, Implementer, Shaper, Team Worker, Coordinator, Plant and Resource Investigator.  The below PDF contains further information for you to read or download.

Belbin PDF

Individual Development

As an individual, Belbin Team Roles, combined with a personal coaching session to help interpret the results can help you in the following ways:

  • Interview preparation for a job or promotion
  • Personal development
  • Raising self-awareness
  • Play to your strengths and manage your weaknesses
  • Project yourself in the best possible way

Team Working

Within a team and organisational context, Belbin Team Roles improves team working by delivering the above along with:

  • Recruiting the right person to your team or organsiation.
  • Building mutual trust and understanding
  • Creating a shared language for performance improvement
  • Improve working relationships
  • Increase team working and performance

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Our facilitator for this service is accredited by Belbin Associates, UK

12998 Accredited-GREEN-HIGH RES



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