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Learning Needs Analysis

Train the right people, in the right way, at the right time

When learning and development is required it can be a considerable expense both financially and in terms of opportunity cost.

Training is only an investment when the right people get the right training at the right time. On many occasions large organisations take the sheep dip approach and train everyone in everything. This is a false economy as not everyone needs everything.

An independent learning needs analysis will provide guidance as to who needs what training, when and more importantly, how.

Training does not need to be in a classroom, it can be coaching or mentoring (by supervisors or peers), it could be electronic learning, blended (classroom/workplace/computer based) or even a poster campaign.

Many organisations do not take the time to conduct a Learning Needs Analysis and spend hundreds of thousands of pounds unnecessarily on training that is either not actually needed or is not fit for purpose.

To ensure you are spending training budget wisely or are unsure of how to train then contact us. We at Performance Works have a wealth of experience in conducting Learning Needs Analysis and have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds for others.

We use tried and tested methods to make the most of your precious time and money.

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