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Organisation Development

In today’s economic climate it is essential that your business or organisation is as effective and efficient as possible. We at Performance Works provide services that will improve performance and identify the roadmap to success for your company. We also have experience in creating efficiency savings leading to reduced expenditure for similar output levels.  Organisation development is a natural and healthy practice, that ensures you are current, effective and efficient in your practices.

Performance Works have the skills and abilities to assist your business identify where performance needs to improve and perhaps more importantly what to do to address this performance deficit. We can also help you identify when and what to train your staff.

Training can be a solution, but is not the only solution. We will identify when, what, who and how to train, ensuring that employee time and company money is not spent when it is not necessary.

Services that we provide include:

  • Business Intelligence Modelling (threat/risk identification & management)
  • Performance Frameworks
  • Learning Needs Analysis
  • Priority Based Budgets
  • Performance Gap Analysis
  • Lean systems

If you need businesses improvement, call us now on 0191 406 5343 to talk to a training consultant or email for further details on all the options available to suit your needs.


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