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More With Less? (Part One)

Times are hard, especially if you are running a public sector organisation, including the NHS and education despite the ring fencing.  When the chips are down and the money is running short there is the usual mantra, more with less.  With George Osborne’s second round of spending cuts it is getting harder and harder to imagine delivering any more with any less.  It is a fact of current life that money is going to be reduced from budgets and organisations are going to have to find leaner ways of achieving desired outcomes.

I would suggest, that it is, in fact, impossible to do more with less.  I believe that all you can honestly achieve with less is, quite simply less.  However I also believe that it is still possible to deliver with less.

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Managers need to become leaders

There are a lot of performance improvements that can be made and managers need to change too.

Traditionally the public sector has produced very good managers.  These individuals are very competent at keeping the status quo, staffing and resourcing, problem solving, scheduling and problem solving.  These skills and abilities have been developed over many years of attending management courses and watching countless other managers perform their role adequately.

However, now is a time for leadership, change is required not maintenance of the status quo.

So what makes a good leader?  Well, my view is that a good leader is someone that has a clear vision of where the organisation, business or team needs to be; but more importantly they know how they will inspire their people into following them in this vision.  Below are a few traits that I consider essential in a good leader:

  • A good leader is a relentless communicator, but not only letting people know what is needs to happen but perhaps more importantly they listen to what is actually going on.
  • Empower individuals to do their jobs and make meaningful contributions to change.
  • Removes barriers that hinder their people from doing their job.
  • Takes appopriate risks.
  • Reflects upon their behaviours and actions along with demonstrating humility.

Improve individual and team performance

With a greater emphasis on working smarter, there is a need to improve individual and team performance.  One way that this can be achieved is through the use of Belbin Team Roles.  Through maximising individual strengths and learning how to manage weaknesses individuals are able to contribute in a more meaningful manner.  By placing the correct individuals with the apporopriate balance of behaviours in a team, you can increase productivity.

An individual who knows and understands how best they can contribute to performance is able to identify opportunities to enhance results for your business.  Similarly, a team that has the correct balance of behaviours within it’s members is more likely to be able to deliver exemplary results.

With managers becoming leaders and individuals and teams becoming more self aware, delivering high performance levels is still a realistic expectation.

Perfromance Works, can deliver the necessary training to enable your managers to become leaders, the coaching to ensure your individuals become high performers and teams to succeed time and time again.


Belbin Team Roles: Specialist

The Specialist, in Belbin Team Roles plays a valuable contribution to any team.  The Specialist is your business or team’s ‘go to’ person for the knowledge and skills that are a niche area but essential to your success.  The specialist is your resident expert and knows a lot about a few subjects.  They are often a self starter and can contribute to your planning, but be mindful of their potential to dwell on the minutiae.

The video below is from Belbin Associates youtube feed and explains the Specialist’s attributes in Belbin Team Roles.

If you want to get the best from your people and create high performing teams, then Belbin Team Roles is our recommendation for success!

Learn More about Belbin Team Roles.


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