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Managing emails effectively: save time, improve efficiency!

Managing Emails

In a busy workplace, if you are not managing emails properly, it can feel as though you are barely treading water: struggling to maintain the status quo, let alone making good progress through today’s to do list.  This can often be a symptom of your emails managing you, rather than you managing emails.  If your life seems to be spent dealing with things that were not on your agenda and that your emails are getting out of control, it is definitely time to:

Tame Your Inbox.

Managing emails

So, how do I take control of the email inbox?

The first thing to do is to deal with the email at the first read.  Do not read it, do nothing and then come back to it later.  You might be surprised how often people read an email, leave it to fester and then return later on for it to now become an urgent issue.  This read-forget-read again approach is wasteful and causes your inbox to grow and create some nice time-bombs for you to deal with at a later date.

OK, so you read the email, now what?

Do it

If it is something that you can do, is your responsibility, you can complete in under 5 minutes without assistance and that there is no-one in a better position to do it, then you DO IT!

Delegate it

If this is something that is better done by another person, whether it be they are better suited; more skilled, have more time, can complete it quicker (and with quality) then DELEGATE IT!

Delete it

If like quite a lot of emails that get circulated in a business setting, it is nothing but information you do not need to know, do not let it sit in your email system, just DELETE IT!

Defer it

If this is something that you need to do, but it will take more than five minutes to complete, then make sure you add it to your to do list for completion later: DEFER IT!

The outcome:

By dealing with the email at the first reading, then you are going to be more effective in the workplace as well as keeping your email inbox trim and under control. Managing emails by using the methodology above, can make you more productive and help ensure the work that you do is the work YOU need to do.

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