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Case studies

Performance improved by 20%, customer approval rating increased.

It had been identified that a department with a budget of over £11 million had no specific performance targets or framework and therefore little accountability.

The task was to create and implement a performance framework for the Department that served over 11,000 employees and delivered over 80,000 Training Days in a year.  Working with the department and its stakeholders a framework was devised.

Thanks to the implementation and introduction of framework, there was an increase in productivity in the first year alone of  just over 20%.  This higher level of performance was sustained, and also resulted in a customer approval rating that was consistently higher than 95%.

Staff feel they have a say and stay engaged during tough times.

During major organisational change an employee engagement strategy was developed and implemented as staff were beginning to become disenfranchised. The task was to ensure that staff were engaging in the process of change whilst maintaining services as normal during transition.

Working with tried and tested tools and methodologies staff attitudes were turned around and their engagement levels increased.

As a result the staff survey (July 2010) showed that staff within the department feel that they are listened to more than staff in other departments in the organisation.

Improved performance and saved £600,000 in training costs.

Compliance with a specific policy was very low and the reasons unidentified, it had been suggested that training further training was the answer.  This training would have meant that over 3000 days would be lost from core function or approximately £600,000 in opportunity cost.

Using various tools, a performance needs analysis was conducted.  This identified that the issues that caused by a lack of supervision and availability of reference materials.

To remedy this, an e-learning training package was produced for supervisors, including a pass and fail test.  A series of youtube style videos were made available along with turning a printed manual into an online resource.  This enabled access to reference material to all and over a 24/7/365 period.

The solution lead to an improvement in compliance with policy and saved the organisation training costs of £600,000.

Eliminated waste and saved £116,000 per annum.

Costs needed to be reduced in an administration department as budgets had been reduced.  Using various tools and methods the processes that the department were operating were captured and streamlined.

Through eliminating duplication and waste along with some new IT software a saving of over £116,000 per annum was achieved.

Reduced budget by £1.4 million

Due to significant shortfalls in income, approximately £78 million had to be saved from the organisation’s budget over a three year period.

The project involved the redesign of large areas of learning and development business to enable significant cost savings without reduction in quality of future learning interventions.

With a budget of approximately £4 million the aim was to reduce costs whilst maintaining (as far as possible), if not improving services and standards.

As a result of major, broad-ranging and incisive service realignment I saved the organisation in the region of £1.4 million over a twelve month period.

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