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New year, wipe the slate clean?

January 3rd, 2014

Happy new year to all and to all a happy new year!

Traditionally this time of year is dedicated to fresh starts and clearing of the slate, however speaking from a business perspective this is quite possibly the worst decision you could ever make.

In business it is vital to ensure that you have the upper hand, the edge or competitive advantage over your competitors.  To help you do this, would you not just love a crystal ball?  Sadly, I cannot provide that crystal ball but what I can do is give you the benefit of my years of experience leading a variety of teams in a large public sector organisation.

My advice to you is not to throw away the past 12 months, but to examine what went right, what went wrong and most importantly, understand why things happened like that.   Spend a little time making notes on what major events happened and what you did along with the outcome and what you would do differently.

Just like there is no such thing as a new idea, I would argue that once you have been running your business for a couple of years then it will be just as valid to say that there is no such thing as a new issue to deal with.  This is why you do not throw out the past.  It often contains the answers of the future.  As well as reviewing the past 12 months, best practice is to repeat the review process at least monthly and if you can, capture the issues and results live as they happen (this will ensure you do not forget things).

If you follow this advice you have just created an organisational memory.   This in all likelyhood will save you time, money and stress!





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