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Consultancy is dead, the Unipart Way: apparently!

June 11th, 2013

I saw an advertisment in one of the broadsheets the other day that was proudly proclaiming that consultancy was dead!  This came as much as a shock to me as it probably did the individual consultants who work at Unipart, the very people proclaiming consultancy was dead.  In fact when you go to it appears that consulting is very much alive but now living under a different name; The Unipart Way.

Intruiged as I was, I ventured into the brave new world of “expert practitioners” and “performance through engagement”, mainly to see if there was something I was missing out on or could I discover a better way to promote my own services.  However when I read the evangelical material it was apparent that I had nothing to gain from this revolutionary new Unipart Way, and here is why!

Working for a very large public sector organisation until July 2012 I have witnessed a wealth of changes (mostly enforced) as a result of a need to become leaner, both in terms of structure and working practices.  I was involved in two of the largest changes that that organisation had ever seen and had the pleasure of working with, wait for it, consultants.  They came from both Price Waterhouse Cooper and another nationally recognised company KPMG.

As far as I recall, when working on working practice change, KPMG delivered an academy to train our people to become change practitioners and guided them through the process of change on the first tranche of changes.  The number of KPMG people in the organisation was then reduced and reduced as the training cascaded and more confidence was gained by our own practitioners.

Similarly as far as I remember PWC worked closely and engaged with our own people training them to carry out an exercise called Priority Based Budgets.  Again as we became more confident in running the process ourselves the less involved the consultants became.

Creating a cadre of continuous improvement experts within an organisation that you work with is not new.  In fact having worked with KPMG and PWC I have developed my own model that generates peak performance that lives on long after I stop working with an organisation.

The Three E’s for Peak Performance

Our brand of consultancy uses the three E’s to improve performance:


Obtain Peak Performance

Obtain Peak Performance


To create Peak Performance it is crucial that people are Engaged, Empowered and Educated.  By working with your people Performance Works create effective, efficient and sustainable improvements, by educating your people this performance improvement becomes continuous and lives on long after we leave your business.

This way of working not only gives the client a better service, but for me it gives me a greater level of satisfaction.  I know that when I work with a busines, company or organisation, the changes are for the better and I leave a legacy of skilled expert practitioners to carry on creating peak performance.

I will leave you with this question: Is consultancy really dead, or are others simply playing catch up?


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