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Employee voice is important; Leadership Skills 101

February 21st, 2013

A short while ago, I talked about the importance of listening to your employees as a key element of leadership skills.  Employee voice is important, both for the health of your organisation and the well being of your people.

In the video above we see a very humorous scenario that comes from an advert for  It has a very serious message, that we as leaders would benefit from hearing. That message is, listen to your people!  It was only a short while ago, I was blogging about the alleged situation at MidStaffs NHS trust.  It appears that people were not listened to, or were fearful of the outcome of being the one to give bad news.

I have previously stated that as a manager and leader it is healthy to hear the bad news today to create the good news of tomorrow and I stand by this.  If the situation with the culture in MidStaffs NHS Trust was one where leaders and managers did not want to hear the bad news, then I fear that it is not the only place that this is occurring.  I have experience of other public and private sector organisations where this is common.

My view and that of Performance Works is that a good leader has the humility to recognise when they have got things wrong and the wisdom to actively seek feedback to improve their own personal performance and that of the organisation.   Being open to feedback is critical to leadership skills.

How many of you have seen your managers or leaders behaving in the way demonstrated in the video?

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