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People development; It’s all about the people

February 9th, 2013

I was watching television this morning.  I know, I should be doing something better than this but I just happened to catch David Coulthard on Saturday Morning Kitchen.  He and James Martin were talking about improvement and success in Formula One (which I happen to be a huge fan of).  He placed a lot of stock in the importance of people development.

David said “… You can’t rest on your laurels …. The name Ferrari, the name McLaren, er, doesn’t guarantee success going forward. It’s all about people. And that’s the thing I love about Formula One.  You know,  it’s a technology business, but that technology doesn’t develop itself. ”

He further talks about talent and motivation which again are great points.

The sentiments above could not be any closer to my own philosophy, in that, it truly is the people that count.  Technology, processes, products and services all depend on people.  Without people that are motivated, able and given opportunity, then performance is eroded.

When looking at people’s performance there is a well known formula:

Performance = Motivation x Ability x Opportunity

Basically if any of the factors on the right are zero, then performance is zero.  Similarly if motivation is only half of what it could be, then you are getting half the performance.  For an individual or team to perform at their best, you need to have motivated individuals, with the skills and abilities and give them the opportunity to deliver for you.

Because your employees are the ones that deliver your front line services, people development is so important, along with providing  motivation and the opportunity to deliver.

Performance Works provide training to ensure your people have the ability to deliver.  We also use Belbin Team Roles to develop high performing individuals and teams.

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