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Communication : Sending, Receiving and Checking

January 17th, 2013

The reality of every communication is that there are always two sides to the story.

  • Firstly the encoding and sending of the information (what do we need to communicate, how best to communicate and the actual transmission of the information).
  • Secondly and equally as important is the receiving and decoding of the information, (how do we interpret the information being sent and what do we add in our own minds).

This dual aspect to communication can often be forgotten, how many times have you been asked to do something by the boss, done as you were told to only find this wasn’t what they wanted?

I suspect many of us have encountered the above in our work and home lives.

This miscommunication can easily be solved by either or both parties checking the requirements back with the other to ensure that the desired outcome is realised.  Nothing is worse that toiling for hours on a project or piece of work to only find out it was not what was asked for.

Communication Skill

It may seem simple but many people forget the below.

To be effective and efficient in the workplace it is good practice to make sure you communicate instructions clearly, and that they are received clearly.

As the sender, get the receiver to repeat back the instructions and clarify anything that is not understood.  Ensuring clear and understood instructions can save time effort and disappointment!

As the receiver, repeat the instructions back to the person instructing you.  This can and will save a lot of wasted time and effort along with being a successful leader.  For further leadership development why not take a look at the courses we offer.



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