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Change management: Succesful change in organisations

December 18th, 2012

The above video, whilst funny, highlights a failure to express the need for change.

Many organisations change, in fact it is healthy for them to do so.  An organisation that does not change cannot respond to threats or exploit opportunities.  Sometimes things happen within or external to the organisation that necessitate change and not to respond would be commercially unhealthy.

During a change process communication skills are critical in the successful transition from one state to another.  Relentless communication ensures people know what to do and when.  However there is one area that organisations and leaders can neglect.  This is the “WHY”.

Why we do things is as important to some of the members of an organisation as the what and when.  It is the why that gains the buy in from the employees not the what and when.  Understanding why can allevieate some of the confusion, gain support and reassure some individuals.

The above video is a perfect example of two people demanding change but neither explaining it till the last minute.  How much time was wasted?  Did you see how frustrated the Captain of the ship was?  All of this was caused by neither explaining WHY.

Managing Change Tip

Always ensure your people know why change is needed.  This can calm the waves somewhat in a stormy sea.  How much easier would the conversation in the above video have been if the lighthouse had just said WHY the ship had to change course.  Of course, if it had, we wouldn’t have that wonderful clip or advert for Silva compasses.

Don’t make the mistakes of others, ensure individuals know why change is happening.

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